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Welcome to the Riverside Kingsmen! You are about to take a wonderful journey, one that will bring you closer to your children, as well as introduce you to some new best friends. This time will go by so quickly, you may not believe that now, but by the time graduation arrives, you will say, “where did the time go?”

This music program goes far beyond the classroom, the students practice year-round, not just a few months, but all year. During the summer months your child will practice five, and sometimes six days a week, 6 to 8 hours per day. The band members learn to play a musical instrument that actually sounds good to your ears. They’ll learn to march and play, and move around. All in all, you will be very impressed by your child and all of the other students. The color guard mem-bers will learn how to be graceful as they spin, twirl, and toss into the air their flags and rifles. Oh yes, it will amaze you!

You will have the opportunity to meet some really terrific people, who also happen to be parents, some new just like you, and others may have a year or two behind them already. And then there are a few who just decided to stay on and help long after their children graduated.

This is a wonderful program that keeps young people occupied in a positive way, off the streets, and out of trouble. The students learn music, dance and move-ment, but they learn so much more…dedication, responsibility, commitment, and perhaps the most important, they learn to believe in themselves. The Band and Color Guard program works and it’s so good because it willingly involves the whole family. Don’t miss the opportunity to know your child, their friends, and the other parents.

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Fiesta Bowl 2017

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Mr. Gray has announced that the Riverside Kingsmen Band & Color Guard will be attending the Fiesta Bowl National Band Competition in Phoenix, AZ during December 2017. The trip section will be expanded to include information as soon as it becomes available. We look forward to performing both our field show and parade for a new crowd in Phoenix!

A special donations area has been setup to facilitate easy payments for the trip and can be accessed by clicking the button below.

Trip Donation