Band Camp

Hello all future Riverside Kingsmen Band and Color Guard members; thank you very much for signing up to take part in our award winning program. Without the aid of quality individuals we would not be the program that we are today. Your formal introduction to our program begins here, at band camp. We look forward to sharing part of our summer with you.

Please review the information on this page and continue to check back regularly; as new information is created it will be posted below. Please use the links to the left to explore our information for new members and about band camp. Your music and drill will be available on this site as soon as it is finalized; please login to see this information. New members will be issued their login credentials no later than the 4th of July Parade.


Band Camp Preparation

In order to survive band camp we must keep ourselves well prepared both mentally and physically. Please consider the following list of items when packing your bags...

  • Water jug/Thermos - This is absolutely the most important item. You will be outside and can quickly dehydrate without proper water intake. Please place a label with your name on the outside of your container; although people look different, many water jugs look exactly alike.
  • Sunglasses - These help protect your eyes from damage while outdoors
  • Sunscreen - You will be outside for several hours per day. You will burn without several applications of sunscreen throughout the day.
  • Snacks - You will have several short breaks throughout the day. You will be expending alot of energy during the day so having something to munch on will drastically help. Please see the nutrition section for some good snack ideas.

In addittion to the items above, please make sure you dress in loose-fitting clothing. You should wear a pair of shorts. Lastly, tennis shoes are an absolute must; you will be marching and/or standing for a majority of your time so please make sure they are comfortable.

Please note: No denim shorts are permitted during rehearsals. Denim will trap the heat and only serve to make you uncomfortable. Also, no sandals or flip-flops will be permitted; you can easily hurt yourself marching when wearing these types of shoes.


How to Have a Successful Marching Season

Please use the tips/tricks below in order to ensure that you have a successfull fall marching season. You should print this article for your records.

  • Stay in shape! Keep walking during the marching season and exercise regularly.
  • Drink plenty of fluids the day before an event.
  • Eat a nutritious breakfast on event days (nutritious does not mean doughnut).
  • On practice days - wear appropriate clothing (including hat/visor). Put on sunscreen. Drink plenty of water.
  • Bring any medication that you might be prescribed; notify a chaperone.
  • Let a chaperone know of any medical condition that might impact your health.
  • Be a good competitor - congratulate others on their accomplishments. Be a good winner. Do not resent others when they have won.