All About Scrip

The Riverside Kingsmen are active participants in the Scrip program. Scrip is perhaps one of the simplest fundraising tools that we have. In essence, if you can use a gift card then Scrip just may be for you.

Our scrip company purchases gift cards from major stores for less than face value then allows us to sell them to you for face value. The difference between what the cards are purchased for and what you buy for is our profit. For a short explanation of the Scrip program please click here.

Scrip order form (Updated: December, 2016)
Scrip Release Form

Monthly Winners

Our scrip coordinator keeps a tally of all scrip that is sold every month. This data is used to determine just how much of a profit is generated for the program. Although everyone who uses/buys scrip deserves credit, we would like to take a moment to recognize the top three earners on a monthly basis.

The July 2015 winners and their totals earned are:
#1 - Samantha Jaramillo with $54.64 earned
#2 - Noah Thompson with $24.00 earned
#3 - Francisco Cisneros with $23.80 earned