Director's Wish List

The items below have been identified by the director as current needs for the program. If you can assist in the procurement, either by cash donation or a gift of the item, please contact Mr. Gray. All donations are tax deductable.

In addition to the items listed below, the Riverside Kingsmen use up to approximately 400 bottles of water at all of their fall marching events; any donations of bottled water are greatly appreciated.

Item Model (if applicable)
Qty. Price (ea)
2" Blue Painters Tape
2" Silver Duct Tape
20# Copy/Printer Paper
Landscape Marking Paint - white
Marking Paint Wand 35646 @ Lowes
2 $20.98
Command Center 6' Podium
1 $1,475
2 Way Radios (thanks!)
Motorola T9680 (2 pack) 5 $54.99
Boombox w/ line in support Sony CFDG505 or similar 2 $91.95
Deep-cycle Golf Cart Batteries 12 $150+
SCRIP cards to Home Depot